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Hurricanes and storms are by far the most dangerous and destructive disasters to both homes and commercial real estate. 

Since Florida is a common target, its residents should always be prepared and buy insurance that includes this type of coverage. Many  insurance providers have decided to take restrictive measures that reject water damage caused by hurricanes in their policies. 

As part of our job, we know how difficult it is to handle these types of claims and negotiate a fair sum to cover for all the damage. To help you get what you deserve, our team of experts will guide you throughout all the process and spare you the difficulty of handling a claim. 


Water damage is among the most common causes of damage in the state of Florida. Types of water damage include: Broken Pipes, AC Leaks, Storm Damage, Sewer Backup, Overflow, Floods and more. Whether or not these types of damage are covered in your insurance policy depends on the type of policy you have, the source of damage and if the water damage happened unexpectedly and accidentally. 

In order to receive a fair settlement for this type of claim, one must be greatly skilled and experienced in the matter.  Our team of Public Adjusters will handle your claim carefully and relentlessly. From detecting coverage entitlements to the negotiating involved in the claim process, our goal is to ensure the highest possible settlement.


Wind damage can be detrimental to your home. The common types of damages associated with strong winds may include food spoilage due to power outbreaks, fallen trees, destroyed roof shingles and overall structural damage from wind load. 

Although wind damage may be one of the most typical types of damage for homeowners, it is sometimes excluded in insurance policies. Therefore, every policy must be closely examined in order to effectively file a claim. Our Public Adjusters will identify and address underlying issues the property may exhibit and negotiate with your insurance company.


Mold resulting from any water related issues will affect both your home and more importantly your health. From respiratory conditions to flu-like symptoms and allergy, mold should always be addressed. Yet, it remains one of the few damages that will go unnoticed by many homeowners. 

Some common causes associated with mold are: roof leaks, flooding, storm water entering the structure, leaking pipes and sewer backup. Florida’s humid climate is ideal for mold growing, hence its residents should always check for it. Many insurance companies have restrictions of mold damage in their policies, consequently it is always a difficult case to handle. Our team of specialized Public Adjusters will manage your claim, making sure your insurance company agrees to cover the damages. 


Fire is a disastrous event for both a home and a family. From a small unexpected kitchen fire, to a lighting strike and a misplaced candle, home fires can be among the most stressful and hazardous events homeowners can endure.  

It is very important to handle fire claims in a professional manner. Our team of Public Adjusters, with years of experience in handling fire claims, will examine your policy and fight relentlessly for insurance coverage and maximum payout.

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